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Wheel Balancing

Get the most kilometers out of your tyres by ensuring they are balanced and rotated regularly.

Properly balanced wheels will ensure the weight of your car is evenly distributed allowing the smooth operation of your vehicle. When you are driving at faster speeds your steering wheel will rock back and forth if your tyres are imbalanced which is also hazardous to your safety. Imbalanced tyres, if left unserviced, can cause damage to other parts of your vehicle such as, the chassis, struts, suspension and shock absorbers which in the long run will end up costing you more on repairs.


It is also important to have your wheels balanced if you have just had a wheel rotation or a new tyre put on. This will make sure everything is incheck and no damage will be done to other parts of your vehicel. To ensure you have complete control of your vehicle in a crises and to reduce unnecessary damage on other car parts your tyres need to be properly balanced. 


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